An exploration and adventure through photo manipulation.
Photo Manipulation, Photography
  • An exploration into the eccentric moments, the dialogues, the play, we artist have with our surroundings to un-lock resistance. 

    I began making this series while working with two artists, who together for 59 years were to be separated by the ultimate fate - her death (brain tumour). The photos record her  'Last Birthday Party, Funeral and Her Widow'. - Working title 'The Little Dynamo'. 

    Maybe the making of these are also a catharsis to the emotional involvement of the project, room to breathe? I don't know, but they've help keep my focus to the 'The Little Dynamo' series. They are also involved moments unlocking creative steps encountered in the processes. 

    See the full series here:  A Jason Lee Blog (Tumblr)
    Most of the images are accompanied by captions to shine some light on the thinking.