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    Jason Lee's paintings abstract the details in layered history, jumping all over the senses, teasingly exposing more beneath the surface. There's a great sense of time in his paintings, as though marks on a cave wall have been worked over by the Tenebrist only to collide with a janitor's white wash and juvenile graffiti. 
    Jason Lee began instinctively drawing birds during the 70s, later studying under Peter Doig and Graham Crowley, and has since gone on to contribute to over fifty independent and gallery exhibitions including solo shows in the Czech Republic, UK, Spain,    and Ireland. 
    As an artist with a camera, Jason was the only photographer to accept the commission of photographing the Last Birthday Party, and Funeral of Swiss artist and vintage motorbike enthusiast: Ruthli Losh-Atkinson. After 59 years together the couple were about to be separated by the ultimate fate. Jason met them for the first time two days before Ruthli's 77th birthday, on Valentines Day. 
    Born in Changi, Singapore 1969, Jason is currently working on a new series of paintings, with a new book featuring his ‘Garden Series’ due out later this year.

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