‘Unicorn With A Cape’

Once upon a sunny afternoon not too long ago….we met a unicorn….

‘Unicorn With A Cape’ :: A One Unicorn Show

Having lived as a straight woman, lesbian, transgendered, transsexual gay male, transsexual straight male and finally genderless, Marcus Magdalena will bring an often controversial topic to the forefront. Augmented by experiences of addiction, homelessness and depression, Marcus Magdalena’s story, Unicorn with a Cape, is a theatrical medium of advocacy for the rights of all.

Make no mistake, each of us has the power to impact one another, whether as an individual or as a community.

Unicorn with a Cape is the story of how hatred towards another feeds, cultivates and has the impact of isolation, fear and creates an environment of feeling like one does not belong. 

Unicorn with a Cape is the story of how love and support towards another nurtures and cultivates safety, acceptance and the heartfelt feeling of belonging, of knowing you have arrived home.

Why are we here? Marcus Magdalena performs.”