Exhibition- ‘Husker Du’ (Translation: Do You Remember?)

‘Husker Du’ (Translation: Do You Remember?)

“Our memory is fallible, it doesn’t like voids, and so it fills in the gaps.”

Introducing the first in the series of ‘Husker Du’ exhibitions. 

‘Husker Du’ #01 will take place during Cork & County Culture Night, 20 September 2013 in Schull, West Cork, 6-8pm at Kitty’s Cabin, Pier Road, the home and studio of artist, photographer and videographer Jason Lee (www.jasonxlee.com). 

The idea for this series of exhibitions is to charge and evoke memories, for both the audience and the exhibition. The paintings, on paper for this the first show, will appear as they are finished for the duration of the exhibition. Between exhibitions, each painting not purchased at the time, will be added to, worked on further, thus creating a layered history and in turn a memory from their previous public showing and before being included in the next of the ‘Husker Du’ exhibition series. 

The last ‘Husker Du’ exhibition or purchase of a piece will halt this evolution. 

New paintings, on paper and canvas will be added to the collection as the ‘Husker Du’ series of exhibitions continues to evolve, along with the unsold and added to pieces from this first or subsequent exhibitions.

This instalment of ‘Husker Du’ is fortunate to host the premiere performance in Schull of the Human Orchestra lead by Justin Grounds (Idiot Songs) with Camilla Griehsel (Maria De Buenos Aires) friends and guests. Wear a hat and bring your voice.

“…the path he is taking will be engraved in his memory by the excitement induced by the strange surroundings, by unaccustomed activities, by the conversation he has had and the farewells exchanged beneath an unfamiliar lamp that still echo in his ears amid the silence of the night, and by the happy prospect of being home again.” – Marcel proust from ‘Swann’s Way’