The Author’s – Husker Du – Exhibition

Husker Du :: Review :: ‘Rewind The Night’ :: Exhibition Time Lapse Video

“The exhibition of ‘Husker Du’ by artist and photographer Jason Lee blew me away.

Having been initially invited to take part in the newly formed Human Orchestra Project (Score by Justin Grounds) at the event, Jason welcomed us with open arms into his home now turned gallery. I was almost immediately captivated by not only the art which took me through an array of emotions from my past and present but also by the simplicity in which the art itself was presented, raw in essence and never with the need to impress or deceive it’s viewer.

For the Artist to include his memories through the use of hand written and discreetly placed cards almost made me feel part of the memory itself, as I read, I could play the written tale in my mind and feel it without it once influencing my perception of the hanging work which I was viewing.

Also included in the exhibition was Jason’s ‘Rat Art’ which would have musophobia sufferers running wild through the streets of Schull had it not been for the remarkable way in which it was presented, an awe inspiring production in every way not only for art lovers but also for the curious passer by who wonders “whats happening in there”? well YOU wont know unless you go.“ Pedro.