Emma Langford at Levis Corner Bar

Emma Langford at Levis Corner Bar, 15 August 2016

This morning, 30 May 2018, nearly two years after Emma’s gig in Levis’, I was about to leave the house when I heard her tuning her guitar on the radio (RTÉ 1)… I sat back down and listened.

While listening and remembering back to Emma’s gig, then looking for the handful of photos from the night. They didn’t make it over when I moved my site over to WordPress.

I suspect a handful of others got lost in translation.

Hearing Emma reflect on when change happens, a twist propels us forward, intended and surprising at the same time. Then went and played Tug O’War from the Quiet Giant.

There’s a shower that hums in B Flat.

Emma will be back to Levis’ on 29 June 2018.