Clonakilty International Guitar Festival

The Lovely Eggs, Otherkin, Ganglions and Bean Dolan Band on the Clonakilty International Guitar Festival trail. Day five.

Massive thanks to Susan + Ray + Kevin / De Barra’s, Clon Guitar Festival, Folk Alliance, All the Musicians, Audience, Sound & Light Crews, the kind folk of Clonakilty and photographer Richie Tyndall.


There are few beautiful unseen moments at festivals and gigs like these in West Cork and one which happened repeatedly and unprovoked while photographing in packed out shows, a person(s) up front would notice I was there to photograph, turn and invite me to take their prime spot to get up close.

Because one of the things I’ll always respect when photographing gigs, is the performance and the fans there to see them. Yeah, I want to get the shots and document these gigs, but never at the expense of the gig itself and the fans.

And if occasionally that means getting no shots or a couple from the back of the room then that’s the way it is.

I wear my cloak of invisibility, do my thing and get out the way.


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