Paula Cox & Paul Creane

Paula Cox & Paul Creane at Levis Corner House 07 January 2018.

First gig of the year. A handful few of us turned up and enjoyed the show. Not the best for business, for sure, but we’ve all seen these nights before. It’s a tough one. But one, that’s not lost.

The first photo above… when I saw that moment. It might be a bit dark here, if I was making a film, a scene I’d include. Lady to the left, Paula and Paul on the counter, the decor, all the warmth in what looks like an empty room until the camera pans around and… *one for the note book

Guess which Radiohead song is being covered in the third photo.

Good to see, last photo, the lads from First Class & Coach out for a post rehearsal catch up. Keep an eye out for them playing this year.