Yes, Up to date

I’m up to date!

In mid April I had a new external hard drive fail, which took me a month to recover and repair. Success overrode the tedium of the process. Visitors brought some distraction and I got invited to film this 15 year old’s gig at Levis’. Keep an out for Hazel.

Tomorrow, 25th May, two big events are happening…

If you’re in Ireland and can, get out tomorrow, 25th and Vote Yes for Repeal. This is one day and of great importance.

The second is GDPR kicks in. Both my sites, & are updated and are GDPR ready you can join or update here.

They always have been. You can sign up or update your permissions today, here below, or later in your own time. I once had a new gallery (2002) approach me, asking to buy our galleries mailing list: I declined their offer.

Privacy matters.

Thank You.

Jason Lee – 24 May 2018