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On what I just found out is Slow Art Day, I’d like to invite you to my other work.

Each month I post new work, work in progress, work as it evolves for Based On Real Events, in time these will make up part of my next exhibition.

Below is a sampler for: ‘State Of Play’ is the latest soundscape / film to be added to Based On Real Events secret blogThe Saloon.

State Of Play

I missed a call at 14:21, a Sunday. The message left on my phone from a lead character in a new documentary, a film production in progress. The character is requesting I join him at an event, will you be there? if so…, to film him for a small fee. I had no idea what event he was talking about.

Short notice / small fee and the casual mention of the director, the bait.

Short notice / small fee / bait. Small fee, short notice. No.

By the time I heard the message it was too late to even politely decline the request.

My day continued as intended and my time lead to making State Of Play.

Screenshots from: State Of Play


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*Note: The documentary being made is no small budget indie production. Where it’s at, I’ve no idea. It’s not the first time the lead character has asked myself and others to give our time to him.