Our Brother Dan

This is our brother Dan Thornhill.

One of the good ones. One of the soundest people you could hope to meet.

He’s in a bad way right now. On Monday, 8 Dec 19, he was airlifted from West Cork to Cork C.U.H. where he remains in critical condition.

Any bass players out there reading this I have a simple request.

Put a few thoughts for Dan into what ever your groove is.

When you’re rehearsing, jamming, gigging, practicing, tuning up, if you could give a minute of it, your bass-healer vibes & thoughts, to Dan and his recovery.

Anytime, anywhere, he’ll pick it up for sure.

Update on Dan’s condition – 15 December 2019:

Doctors have reduced Dan’s sedation. He’s been so heavily sedated with all his organs supported, organ failure and brain damage are big concerns right now. It may be a couple more days for him to come around. Small steps and to see how he responds. More tests and results to come. As I understand it, Weil’s disease is one consideration as to the mystery that’s taken him out. Results due early in the week.

The response and outpouring of for Dan has been respectfully amazing, generous and deserved.

Anyone with the slightest illness, cough or cold, has stayed away from visiting.

Meanwhile everyone else has been up singing songs by his side with his son and family.

Dan is a dad, a bass player, a sound engineer and a Star Wars nerd. A hard worker, a survivor.

As all musicians and artists know, to be hit like this is the worse financially. If you’re not playing, you’re not earning.

Update 20 December 2019:

‪“He woke and spoke briefly; he knew us, wanted to leave hospital and corrected our Star Wars knowledge.”‬

Update 10 January 2020:

Dan’s condition is improving and will be allowed visitors again soon. Still a long way to go.

Update 19 February 2020:

Yesterday I bought Dan a coffee while he told us all about his adventure during this time. His gratitude, the friends, the staff, the memory gaps, the meds, the strangeness and the mysteries. He’s a lot of work to do on himself physical & mental with repeat visits, but for now he’s out of hospital, on the mend and looking great.

Update 25 May 2021:

Thanks to all who showed support for Dan. The GoFundMe is closed and all links removed from this post.

I last saw Dan play at Levis’ ‘Alive In The Cracks’ sessions, December 2020, with Stellar C, one of only 2 gigs he got to do last year.

Thank you X

Look after yourself and those around you. X