Mick Flannery with Clare Sands and Rubymoon Hilliard at Bantry House

Mick Flannery, Yvonne Daly & Alan Comerford with Clare Sands & Dylan Howe and Rubymoon Hilliard & Bean Dolan and Justin on sound at Bantry House, 21 December 2019.

Night one of two, both sold out.

My friend bought me a ticket for this one so as it was a night out, I left my camera at home, sort of.

Nice to be back between the hearths of Bantry House. This was my last visit almost a year ago to the day.

See you all out for more gigs in 2020. X


It was the sound engineer in the parlour with a ukulele that done it…

Mick Flannery At Bantry House with Clare Sands and Ruby Moon 21 December2019