Album Cover Photo: John Blek – Digression #1 (Live at StudiOwz)

New Live Album: Digressions #1 by John Blek.

On 21 April 2020 I got a text from John Blek with this photo attached an accidental selfie reflected in the cover photo of Digressions #1, the cover a portrait of John in a room, for his new live album out 29 May 2020.

A few days later I received my copy and I’m so happy to have this, that John chose this photo, to see this go out now.

As I understand it, Digressions #1 is limited to 500 copies, if there’s any left you can order yours here:

The original.

web_John Blek_Digressions1_JohnBlek_IMG_6319

web_John Blek_Digressions1_IMG_1323

Postage & Packaging: Photos John Blek

Another portrait from the room for John’s Thistle & Thorn tour promo.

web_John Blek_Digressions1_JohnBlek_IMG_6412

As it turns out one of the last bands, the last weekend of gigs, I photographed in the same building, Tomorrows released their video for ‘Carousel’ filmed by Ursula Woods on Super8, features the same room.

There’s a vibe to the place that won’t leave you.

Virtual reality, reality: Photo by Kearney Melia Barker from this weeks The Southern Star talking with Sam, Caroline & Joe & Ray.

Raise a glass.

“Little sparrow, they clipped my wings…” – John Blek

Thanks to everyone who has been visiting since & before lockdown. Can’t express enough, my gratitude.