For the most part this site evolved organically. I’ve always tried to keep a photo-archive of music and gigs / sessions I get to. I took this on as my little contribution, a way to show my appreciation, to our scene. It’s grown.

The site keeps growing, averaging a 1000 views a month and all on word of mouth, that being shares & likes.

In June 2018, after frustrations with unfavourable changes other platforms were making, I moved the site to WordPress.

Much to my surprise and gratitude, we’ve since had 7,489 (June-Dec 2018) views in those 6 months from around the world checking out the bands, events and following links back to the bands / venues from out little corner in West Cork.

Whether it’s links to this site or the bands, these shares do count. Like myself, many are running their own promo, getting word out of tours, releases, collaborations, funding all the above. So it does matter when we, friends or fans, give each other a little push along.

Buying a ticket, an album, a t-shirt and supporting fund-raiser campaigns early really make the wheels go round. The benefits are nearly always greater than the intitial investment.

If you like what this site represents and want to get going and build an archive of your scene / neighbourhood and have questions, you can email me, connect via Twitter, or if you like what you see here and would like to contribute a little to it, you can here .




I am also one of the contributing photographers to The Thin Air Magazine covering gigs & events at West Cork’s award winning venues De Barra’s ClonakiltyConnolly’s of LeapLevis’ Corner Bar, Ballydehob. The Thin Air is currently the only music site in Ireland with regular cover outside the cities. And if you live and work outside the hotspots you know how important this is, when a band comes to town.


Thanks, You.

Jason Lee. 2019

Featured Portrait: Jason Lee By Katrin Vierkant, Paris 2007

I preview my art over at Based On Real Events Art + Photo + Film + Sounds

I never knew picking up my camera would one day lead me here amongst the many adventures. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds with Patti Smith, Dublin. Unreal. Now to get them both back to West Cork.